“Sloka - where the colours of the mind take wing.”

Waldorf education is a pedagogy or educational practice that is more than a century old, and is based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner.

The main differentiating factor is that Waldorf education is age-appropriate and holistic. Based on the study of the human being — Anthroposophy (developed by Steiner) — there are different developmental needs at different stages of a growing child. Waldorf education emphasises that addressing these and introducing different subjects at the appropriate time helps meet the needs of the child, building a lifelong love for learning. A holistic, healing pedagogy, the Waldorf philosophy is time-tested and adopted by schools across the world.

We have seen it happen time and again that students of Sloka do well in any chosen field. Children leaving Sloka exhibit a unique confidence that helps them take on the challenges of the outside world easily. Our alumni can vouch for this. Perhaps this is because they have not been subjected to the stress and anxiety of testing, month after month throughout their school life, to prove their mettle. Every child is accepted and loved for what they are and their unique abilities are valued and nurtured.

Academically, although children here start formal writing and reading in Grade 1, they are soon at par with children from conventional schools and are possibly ahead in terms of the depth of knowledge they gain. We train them to be enthusiastic, lifelong learners and not merely seekers of marks or ranks.

Sloka is an inclusive school whose doors are open to every child. So, we do admit children who have special needs and can benefit from the environment that we provide.

Our alumni are in various fields of professions, both conventional and unconventional. While many of them have chosen creative and artistic fields, at the same time they have aced entrance exams and entered highly competitive streams like medicine, science, technology, management etc.

Homework begins in Grade 3 in the form of Diary writing which is a starting point for creative writing. Diary writing continues till Grade 10. From Grade 4 onwards, children get worksheets as homework.

Sloka follows the Waldorf curriculum prescribed by Steiner; however, it has been adapted to meet our children’s needs. It has also been dovetailed to meet the academic goals prescribed by CBSE.

Sloka teachers come from different academic backgrounds and professions, bringing with them a richness of knowledge and enthusiasm for learning. They all came to Sloka looking for an education system that is child-friendly, driven by a passion to be a part of such a movement. Know more about the teachers at Sloka

Teachers at Sloka are involved in intensive workshops and training programmes throughout the year in our in-house training — The Sloka Steiner Waldorf Teacher Training (SSWTT). International Waldorf mentors visit regularly and observe classes, share their knowledge and train our teachers as well

Children of Middle and Upper grades in Sloka are trained in table tennis, archery, and horse-riding. They also play and participate in tournaments of football, volleyball, throwball, basketball, gymnastics etc. However, they don’t receive specific sport training.

They enter competitive sports in Grade 5 after a special event exclusive to Waldorf schools called The Greek Olympics. Until then, their fitness is worked upon and they enjoy Freeplay. Bothmer Gymnastics is a unique exercise taught to Sloka students.

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