“Sloka - where the colours of the mind take wing.”
Being serious about play!

Once enrolled at Sloka, your child will soon discover that the school is serious about playtime. Interactive games, team sports and athletics are regular slices of the school day. Lower school students engage in games that facilitate healthy bodies, hand-eye coordination, and bonding with their peers. Middle and high-schoolers progress on to activities like athletics, yoga, and Eurythmy that develop their mind-body balance and team sense, before moving on to more vigorous sports that build character and grace.

Sports at Sloka

Interactive games

Hopscotch, hula-hoops, frisbees, handball etc.

Movement & fitness

Eurythmy, yoga, and Bothmer Gymnastics

Athletics & team sports

Basketball, soccer, volleyball, and throwball

A large playground

A 200m track, long jump pit, and volleyball/throwball court

Developing physical dexterity

A variety of P.E. classes aimed at developing spatial awareness, coordination, balance, and rhythm

Inclusion and fairness

All games are played with an emphasis on inclusion and fairness. Enjoyment and skill development always have priority over winning.

The Greek Olympics

The annual Greek Olympics, reviving the spirit of the original tradition of ancient Greece, is an exciting sporting event conducted annually at Sloka, in which Waldorf schools across the country participate.

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