“Sloka - where the colours of the mind take wing.”
An educational revolution kindled in 1995

The Waldorf philosophy has garnered a lot of attention worldwide over the years — owing to its unique approach to human development, and a proven track record of excellence. Sloka has been pivotal in starting the Waldorf movement in India, as well as spreading awareness about it. Even before the school was envisioned, the founding trustees of Sloka (The Education Renaissance Trust) kindled the initial spark in 1995 by hosting the UNESCO exhibition on Waldorf education in Hyderabad. The Trust further hosted a series of open-houses to orient teachers and prospective parents, followed by a summer camp to gauge how young children received Waldorf practices. Teacher Training was initiated in the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) by the Trust in 1996.

Teacher training and mentoring programmes to promote self-education for teachers were the culmination of a dedicated effort by Sloka’s trustees towards implementing a paradigm shift in education in India.

The Sloka Steiner Waldorf Teacher Training (SSWTT) Programme

After Sloka pioneered the Steiner-Waldorf pedagogy in India, it became imperative to have a formalised Teacher Training programme in-house, incorporating guidance from international mentors.

To be able to renew ourselves as teachers, and bring key elements of Waldorf Education into our work with our students were the goals of the programme; although, over the years, it has grown into something more. Teachers from Waldorf as well as mainstream schools from all over the Indian subcontinent have benefited from the program at Sloka.

The SSWTT Programme has undergone a process of review, revision, and renewal in its fifth successful year.

“For even the wisest can learn incalculably much from children.”

– Rudolf Steiner

Teacher training 2023

Theme: Waldorf Education — Universal Remedy to Heal all of the World

Course Details: The theme of this academic year’s course is “Waldorf Education – Universal Remedy to Heal all of the World,” offered in two modules. The first, held in August-September 2023, presented an overview of the healing power of Waldorf Education, exploring the changing consciousness of the growing child and how Waldorf Education heals the child by addressing their needs at various stages, through the artistic composition of curricular and co-curricular elements.

We will be updating the details of the upcoming module here shortly.

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