“Sloka - where the colours of the mind take wing.”
“On a typical day, more children can be seen hanging from the trees in our campus than fruits.”

— A student of Sloka

A community of curious minds

School life is a vibrant journey of self-discovery at Sloka. Children are naturally keen to explore, and our teachers see to it that this quality of theirs thrives — inside as well as outside the classroom. While the arts, arithmetic, and astronomy all coexist within their timetables, students also engage in a variety of extracurricular activities year-round. Writing and publishing books, conceiving plays, action plans to revive the local ecosystem, building machines, growing food and cooking it, and celebrating festivals are just a few examples. Overall, Sloka strives to be a space that facilitates inspiration, discovery, and bonding as a community of curious minds.

There is always room for exploration

The campus houses beautiful, green areas that welcome play and rouse the imagination — like a lotus pond, a fountain, a rabbit pen, several varieties of shrubs and trees, and their lush canopies. The campus is also home to a few ducks, geese, hens, cats, and cows. Children can often be seen climbing trees, taking nature walks, observing plant life and drawing them, taking care of the animals, or just sitting still in their cherished spots. The fish pond with flowing water and the butterfly garden are among the favourite haunts of many. The craft room and a well-stocked library offer further spaces — for reflection, exploration, or inspiration as needed.

Art as a way of life

Curricular and extracurricular activities throughout the grades often involve art, poetry, form-drawing, music, and drama as learning tools. Students also participate in workshops with renowned artists, inter-school festivals, and creative collaborations that occur in the Art and Music Rooms. Visitors to the school can’t miss the walls lined with beautiful paintings created by students of all ages, and one might hear a melody or two echoing in the corridors on most days.

Being serious about play!

Once enrolled at Sloka, your child will soon discover that the school is serious about playtime. Interactive games, team sports and athletics are regular slices of the school day. Lower school students engage in games that facilitate healthy bodies, hand-eye coordination, and bonding with their peers. Middle and high-schoolers progress on to activities like athletics, yoga, and Eurythmy that develop their mind-body balance and team sense, before moving on to more vigorous sports that build character and grace.

Students for life. Family forever.

Sloka alumni have consistently made their teachers proud. The entire community comes together to celebrate Sloka Foundation Day on the 3rd of July every year. Alumni Day is also observed on the same day. The school welcomes former students back to their alma mater, to share their stories, and have some fun on this day.

To truly know the world

For students of Sloka, school term may occasionally include interactions with the worldwide community of Waldorf schools. They participate in conferences, exchange programmes, and prestigious international events. These cross-cultural exchanges can open the child’s eyes to a variety of perspectives and possibilities.

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