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Welcoming young adults of tomorrow

By the end of middle school, students have not only grown in their knowledge and skills, but have also gained an understanding of how things learned in the classroom are connected to each other, to the world, and to their own lives.

At this point, students of Sloka transition into a new syllabus as the CBSE curriculum is introduced. However, we have worked to ensure that Waldorf principles continue to sustain and enrich their journey through the new curriculum. They receive additional guidance at this stage, working with two Class Guardians instead of a single Class Teacher; each student also chooses a personal Mentor to work with. The block system continues – with one subject being taught through a month. Classes in Languages, Math, Science, and the Social Sciences grow more nuanced.

They leave Sloka at ease with themselves, as discerning young adults with a capacity to be independent thinkers.

Introducing Grades 11 & 12 at Sloka

On entering the 27th academic year in 2024-25, Sloka is extending the curriculum to the Humanities and Commerce streams for Grades 11 and 12. Collaborating with two principals from reputed schools in Hyderabad, we have created a relevant and exciting mix of subjects for the senior school. We have also had exhaustive sessions with international Waldorf teachers to dovetail the curriculum with CBSE norms.

High School grade information

(Ages 14 – 18)

The Grade 9 curriculum engages the realm of abstract thinking and objectivity. Students are taught from NCERT-prescribed textbooks, while the mode of teaching continues to be Waldorf. In English, students are exposed to different types of literature: prose, fiction, and poetry. In Math and the Sciences, students delve deeper into contemporary knowledge; into existing theories, models, and the laws that shape the systems of the world. In the Social Sciences, in addition to History and Geography, they also learn the subjects of Economics, Political Science, and Disaster Management.

In Art, a 5-day workshop on Art and Art History is the highlight of Grade 9. Students also explore new mediums to work with, like stone or metal.

Apart from the main subjects in Grade 10, students learn skill subjects such as Banking and Insurance, IT, and Health Care. Alternative subject options include Computer Applications, Home Science, and Painting. In Art, students engage with mandala art, stencil work, black and white art, and gouache painting.

Land Surveying is a main lesson suggested for tenth graders in Waldorf schools. The class travels to a given area and surveys the land, creating an accurate map and presenting the results of the survey to the rest of the community. Surveying requires three levels of measurement: common sense estimation, ground measurement using rods, chains, and tape measures, and theoretical calculations based on the readings taken with theodolites and measures. Having applied these technical skills to Geography, they know exactly what they are learning about, and learn to work with accuracy. They also apply the knowledge of Trigonometry which they have learned.

Please see below for CBSE information for Grades 11 & 12.


The school has an affiliation with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and our students pass out of Class Ten with a CBSE certificate. The medium of instruction is English and a choice of Hindi/Telugu are offered as second and third languages. We are proud to have among our alumni, students who achieved perfect 10/10 GPAs in the CBSE exams.

Subjects offered for Grade 11





Sloka offers alternative subjects to children who are dyslexic or have Specific Learning Disorders (SLD). CBSE provides certain accommodations and concessions for children who have these conditions. Children can get an assessment done by a Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) certified practitioner and if found having issues, they can drop Math / Science / Social Science / Language and opt for an alternative subject(s). Sloka offers Painting, Elements of Business, Computer Applications (CA) and Home Science as alternative subjects. These children can also opt for scribes, longer time duration to complete board exams, and concession to overlook handwriting and spelling mistakes.

Co-curricular activities in High School:
  • The weekly timetable balances academics with co-curricular activities including art, music, Eurythmy, games, and gym.
  • Grade 9 students participate in an Art History workshop, where they spend a week researching a specific period in art history and creating artworks, including sculptures, murals, and fine art canvases.
  • Grade 9 students are also involved in Farming throughout their academic year, divided into groups and tending to a patch of land for them to till, sow seeds in, fertilise, and see through to the harvest stage.
  • Grade 10 involves a Land Survey project where the class travels to a given area and surveys the land, creating an accurate map and presenting the results of the survey to the rest of the community.
Community activities
The school is associated with several social work projects. These collaborative efforts help adolescents develop empathy, and strengthen their ideas of secularism and compassion.
Career counselling
Students at Sloka are encouraged to ask the right questions before they choose their path. Toward this end, career counselling sessions are conducted for students in Grade 10. With the introduction of Grade 11 starting with the academic year 2024-25, it makes sense to continue the practice, perhaps in a more intensive way for Grade 12. We also invite Liberal Arts Universities and other institutions to conduct orientation sessions for undergraduate admissions, including
  • Ashoka University
  • TISS
  • Rishihood University
  • Flame University
  • Krea University
  • Azim Premji University
  • O. P. Jindal Global University
  • Pandit Deendayal Energy University
  • Symbiosis International University
  • Christ University
Alumni Stories

“Sloka was a thrilling journey of self-discovery, with the freedom to learn innovatively and express oneself in various forms. The positive relationships with teachers and the enjoyable learning atmosphere shaped a strong foundation for a lifelong connection with knowledge.”

— Pranav C. Raman

“Sloka to me, is home. I will forever be grateful to my Sloka family, for I found comfort with my teachers who saw me for my full potential and nurtured me to be my best self. The passions of life I enjoy today began as tiny seeds sown at Sloka that have since grown into my colourful and vibrant personality. All I have is to thank you, Sloka.”

— Dr. Hiranmayi

CBSE Information
1 Name of the school Sloka The Hyderabad Waldorf School
2 Affiliation No. (If Applicable) 3630077
3 School Code (If Applicable) 57596
4 Complete Address with Pin Code Sloka The Hyderabad Waldorf School, Sy. No. 21, Aziz Nagar X Road, Moinabad Mandal, Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad – 500075
5 Principal’s Name Kanumuri Padmaja
6 Principal’s Qualification M.A. (English), B.Ed
7 School Email Id info@slokawaldorf.org
8 Contact Details +91 40 235 452 06
1 Copies of affiliation/upgradation letter and recent extension of affiliation, if any View
2 Copies of societies/trust/company registration/renewal certificate, as applicable View
3 Copy of No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued, if applicable, by the State Govt./UT View
4 Copies of recognition certificate under RTE Act, 2009, and its renewal if applicable View
5 Copy of valid building safety certificate as per the National Building Code View
6 Copy of valid fire safety certificate issued by the competent authority View
7 Copy of the DEO certificate submitted by the school for affiliation/upgradation/extension of affiliation or self-certification by school View
8 Copy of sanitation certificate View
1 Fee structure of the school View
2 Annual academic calendar View
3 List of School Management Committee (SMC) View
4 List of Parent Teachers Association (PTA) Members View
5 Last Three-Year result of the board examination as per applicablility View
6 Student Head Count View
1 Principal Mrs. Kanumuri Padmaja
2 Total no. of teachers 2.1 PGT 2.2 TGT 2.3 PRT 58 0 26 26
3 Teachers section ratio 2.9 : 1
4 Details of special educator 3
5 Details of counsellor and wellness teacher 1
6 Staff Statement View
S. No. Year No. of Registered Students No. of Students Pass Remarks
1 2020-21 23 23 23 100%
2 2021-22 47 47 47 100%
3 2022-23 33 33 33 100%
S. No. Year No. of Registered Students No. of Students Passed Pass Percentage
1 Total campus area of the school (in sq m) 12949
2 No. and size of the class rooms (in sq m) 32 & 47
3 No. and size of laboratories including computer labs (in sq m) 5 & 56
4 Internet facility (y/n) Yes
5 No. of girls’ toilets 11
6 No. of boys’ toilets 11
7 Link of Youtube video of the inspection of the school covering the infrastructure of the school
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