“Sloka - where the colours of the mind take wing.”

M.Phil, M.A., Medical and Psychiatric Social Work

Vineetha Sreepada

At Sloka since 2007

A proud parent of two Sloka alumni, Vineetha decided to send her children to Sloka even before they were born, after reading an article about Sloka in The Week magazine. She attributes fate and destiny to have led her to Sloka as a teacher.

She has an M.Phil in Psychiatric Social Work from NIMHANS, and an M.A. in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work from TISS. Before joining Sloka, she worked as a counsellor with various corporates and NGOs.

Vineetha has clocked 16 years as a teacher at Sloka and was a Class Teacher for two batches of students. She is currently a Social Science teacher for high school and a Class Teacher for Grade 9. She mentors primary school teachers and is a part of SSWTT training.

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