“Sloka - where the colours of the mind take wing.”

Community Outreach


Preserving the spirit of giving back and paying forward, Sloka strives to be of service, be it in the local or international spheres. Upper-grade students occasionally volunteer in outreach initiatives for the local community. We also reach out to other organisations working with children, such as municipal schools, NGOs, and other Waldorf schools in financial need. Groups seeking such support are welcome to contact us.

The school has also initiated the plan for a senior assisted-living facility next door, where children can assist and engage with the elders.

Support Sloka


Sloka evolves with the times. This often requires the acquiring of new assets, expanding the premises, and other initiatives to ensure that the schooling we offer remains exemplary as well as affordable. The school welcomes your support in any form. You may also write to us to initiate a provision such as a scholarship or bursary.

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