“Sloka - where the colours of the mind take wing.”
Experiencing the world through imitation and will

The earliest years of childhood form impressions that children carry with them through their lifetime. It is usually their first taste of the world beyond home, and at Sloka, the teachers are eager to welcome them into a secure atmosphere full of warmth.

Mixed-age Kindergarten

(Ages 2.5 – 5)

Usually admitted at two-and-a-half or three years of age in the Playgroup, each child moves on to one year of Nursery and two years of Kindergarten, and on to Grade 1 around six years of age. Children across all these classes interact in a multi-age kindergarten setting — very like a family — with the older students helping the little ones to integrate and learn new skills under the guidance of their teacher.

Students seated around tables in an open area crafting paper lanterns under the guidance of a teacher.
Students in a classroom seated around a long table rolling dough under the guidance of two teachers.

The Kindergarten classrooms are bright, airy, and vibrant. The children discover joy in learning through activities such as building, singing, digging, cooking, gardening, painting, and sewing. They develop social skills, a sense of balance and movement, and the ability to observe. Through songs, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales, they are nurtured by the beauty of language. A rhythmic repetition of daily, weekly, and seasonal activities instils a sense of grounding and balance.

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