“Sloka - where the colours of the mind take wing.”

M.Sc., Nutrition, Masters in Waldorf Education (Oslo)

Manorama Kamineni

At Sloka since 2003

After completing her schooling at Rishi Valley School, Manorama worked as a teacher at St George’s Grammar School for seven years. She attended Sloka’s Jharoka Festival and was impressed by how Math had been translated into a theatrical performance. This experience attracted her to the way of teaching at Sloka and to become a part of it.

She enjoys teaching Geography and Biology, and loves the way the curriculum weaves between all the subjects of the arts and the sciences. “The scope it gives for us to be able to grow as teachers as well as be a student always, is my life’s spark”, in her own words.

Manorama has been a Class Teacher and Mentor. She currently heads the curriculum mentoring for the upper-grade teachers. She is also one of the senior trainers at the SSWTT programmes.

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