“Sloka - where the colours of the mind take wing.”

TPT, M.A., Telugu

Madhavi Kanduri

At Sloka since 2010

Madhavi had been teaching at Gautami Talent School for two years, and at G. Pulla Reddy High School for three years. Learning from one of her friends about the vacancy for a Telugu teacher at Sloka, she approached the school, and was selected.

What she loves about Sloka is that, unlike other conventional schools, Sloka provides a teacher a lot of freedom in teaching. There is great scope for a teacher to improve him/herself in all aspects. This unique feature of Sloka has inspired her to give her best.

She is the current head of Pedagogy of Sloka teachers. Blessed with an eye for aesthetics and steeped in our traditions, she also leads the team which takes care of arrangements for school events and celebrations.

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