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Nurturing the world of Feeling

Children master the fundamental skills for learning during their lower school years. The curriculum flows developmentally, in harmony with the child’s growth. In the early years, the teacher directs the learning through fairy tales, fables, myths and legends, building the foundations of language and expression.

Lower School grade information

(Ages 6 – 10)

Reading, writing, and mathematics are the primary subjects, complemented by stories and games that pave the way for an appreciation of the natural world. The children also indulge in wet-on-wet painting as well as music.
The second-grade curriculum focuses on deepening the fundamental concepts introduced in Grade 1. The blocks of study alternate between math and language skills. Traditional fables lead students to explore the landscape of personality traits. There are also plenty of additional activities such as modelling with beeswax, rhythmic games, gymnastics, and seasonal festival preparations.
The introduction of gardening and building supports the students to find their bearings at a time when they start questioning their assumptions about the world. They enjoy several trips to a local farm to sow seeds, monitor the growth of the plant, and harvest the fruit. During the Building Block, children take on the task of constructing something functional, as well as visiting a site of construction. They study archetypal professions and learn to measure.
The students focus on local geography and history beginning with the city and the state they live in – Hyderabad and Telangana. They also study animals in the context of their relationship to the human being. They delve deeper into the syntax and structure of language in Grammar. In math, they are introduced to the concept of Fractions
At this age, the students are ready to reach out in time and space to study ancient histories and cultures, including those of India, Persia, Egypt, and Greece. They also move out radially and study the geography of the country – India. This is the year of plant study as well, and they begin their journey into Geometry.
Co-curricular activities in Lower School:
  • A range of motor skills are developed through knitting, crocheting and embroidery, playing the recorder, physical education and games.
  • Spatial orientation and social adjustment are nurtured through Eurythmy.
  • Painting engages the children imaginatively and intuitively, progressing from a simple exploration of colours to more complex work as they move up the grades.
  • Games at this stage are designed to develop individual skill and stamina as the children learn to hop, skip, and run.
  • Grade 5 students display their grace and skill in a Pentathlon event called the Greek Olympics — including javelin, discus, long jump, running, and relays — conducted annually at Sloka. Fifth graders from Waldorf schools across the country participate in this event.
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